Bus Information

PTV (Public Transport Victoria)

For those families that reside within the Bendigo Public Transport System area, this will allow for you to travel to Marist College whether by regular timetabled services or School Town Specials.

To access this system you need to obtain a MYKI card, which you can buy from PTV Hub in the Marketplace or refer https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/

Public Transport Victoria offers many public transport options including:

  • Bendigo Town Transit Service – run by Christians Bus Company and provides travel to the College using either the regular timetabled services. For more information on town services please click here.
  • Bendigo School Town Specials (STS) – run by Christians Bus Company, STSs operate within school times only, in areas where regular town services do not meet school time requirements. For more information on STS’s please contact Christians Bus Company on 03 5447 2222.

To access public transport you need to obtain a MYKI card and a School Student ID card, which you can buy through PTV’s HUB located at the Bendigo Marketplace by completing this form. https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/concessions-and-free-travel/children-and-students/school-students/

The Department’s School Bus Program (SBP) Country Services

The Department of Education and Training’s School Bus Program policy provides the framework for country school bus travel.  For families who reside in rural areas and wish to travel by bus, the SBP country services may assist.  Applications are made via PTV’s online School Bus Management System (SBMS).  Click here for more information.

To be eligible for free government travel on a country bus, you must reside more than 4.8km of your nearest school (of the same denomination and year level offering ie government, non-government etc) and NOT have access to public transport within 1.6km of your residence.

If you are bypassing your nearest school of the same denomination and year level offering, and you wish to apply for travel on a country bus, you will be deemed ineligible for free travel and must pay a fare of $120 per term before being granted approval for travel.  This approval is deemed conditional and is reviewed each term with priority access given to eligible student travellers, and those with prior rights.

For more information on the Department’s School Bus Program policy and the eligibility criteria, click here.

Marist Chartered Services

Marist College provide a bus service for these areas – Maldon / Maryborough / Harcourt / Maiden Gully.

For further information about these bus routes and times, please contact the College office.

Conveyance Claims & Eligibility

​Families are advised to purchase a half yearly or yearly pass if they wish to claim conveyance (Form 3).  Please read the eligibility criteria :

  • attend their nearest government or non-government school/campus appropriate to their year level at which admission is permissible
  • reside 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from that school/campus attended
  • be of school age (5 to 18 years old at time of application) and reside in Victoria

Form 3 is used for you to claim conveyance – please attach your receipt of purchase from PTV to this document and return to Marlhes.  ALL conveyance applications must be returned in hardcopy,  scanned emailed versions will not be accepted for audit purposes.

Private Car Travel:  Form 1 – car private travel

Private Bus Travel: Form 2 – bus private travel

Public Transport Travel Bus:  Form 3 – public bus travel