Dear Marist Community,

New learning spaces

Today our Year 1 and 2 Educators are moving into their new learning spaces in La Valla. The students were able to have a sneak preview earlier in the week and there is a great sense of expectation as the new spaces begin to come to life. A short distance away the final touches are being made to the extension to Fourvière where the new spaces for the Arts are ready to come to life at the beginning of Term Two. Congratulations to all at Walsh & O’Meara for the construction of two more fabulous facilities. Thank you also to the talented staff at Y2 Architecture for their design and oversight. The official blessing and opening of La Valla will take place on Wednesday 15 May. All are welcome.


On Sunday 35 teams from 22 Marist schools will arrive at Marist to compete in the 30th Marist Australian Basketball Tournament. We are co-hosting this event with Assumption College Kilmore. The carnival begins with a celebration of the Eucharist in our community centre. The following four days will see round robin matches and finals all held at the Bendigo Stadium. A committee has worked over the last 15 months to organise the event and our lead player in this has been Miss Kelci Fitzpatrick. Thank you to Kelci for her commitment, eye for detail and sheer hard work. A very significant feature of the carnival will be the 35 students who have volunteered to be Assistant Team Managers. Upon arrival, each team will be greeted by one of these students who will then accompany the team throughout their four days. Congratulations to all these students for giving up their holiday time to be ambassadors for our college during this significant national gathering of the Marist family. On the court, our boy’s and girl’s teams have both prepared well for the carnival and we wish them well for the four days of competition.

Timor Leste

At our assembly on Wednesday we commissioned the 10 students and 2 staff who will head off to Timor Leste at the beginning of Term Two. They are pictured below with their pilgrim shells which were presented to them by last year’s immersion students and staff. We wish them all the best for this important immersion experience.

timor picture

Student Leadership

The assembly also provided the opportunity to announce the students who have been successful in being appointed to one of four new student Leadership Teams in the College. Congratulations to the students listed below who were presented with their badges of leadership. As College Captain, Max Johnson, said at the assembly: “It is pleasing to see a broad range of leadership opportunities for our students of all ages”. Well done to the College Student Leadership Team for developing these structures and leading the appointment processes.


Chelsea Marchesani, Chelcy Griffin, Ella Edwards, Jemima Kreutzer, Georgia Clayton, Jacana Marchesani, Lilli-Rose Gemmill and Chelsea Wood


Paige Andrews, Avery Whitehead, Elliott Penny, Abigail Roby, Henry Isaacs, Georgia Miller, Livia Moresi and Nate Nikitenko


Abhishek Amutharai, Maliha Dean, Nikeya Olsen, Chelsea Eastwood, Flynn Lock, Abby Kilby, Austen Ladner and Laura Power


Isabella Coombs, Ella Chandran, Riley Senior, Bella Canfield, Jarrenhy Webb, Sarah McGregor and Callum March

Position advertised

With the birth of Mrs Kelsey Meade’s first child approaching we are advertising, from today, the position of Finance Officer. This is a full time ongoing position as our growth will require more people in Finance by the time Kelsey returns. Details of the position are on our webpage and applications close Tuesday 23 April.


This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in our Lenten preparation and the theme of forgiveness is continued in the Gospel. This week tells the story of the woman caught in adultery who is brought to Jesus to be condemned. Jesus does not condemn her and in fact he condemns no-one in any of the Gospels. He does not judge her either but gifts her with forgiveness. I say gift because it is a very empowering act to forgive another person. As we come closer in our journey towards Easter it is worth reflecting on how wonderful it feels to be forgiven. This may lead us to also commit to forgiving someone who has wronged us.

Student led liturgy

The Year 6 students led our community through an Easter liturgy yesterday and today. As we journeyed through the Stations of The Cross the students provided 13 challenges for us to reflect upon. With 13 days until Good Friday. I present them here. Perhaps you might choose to reflect on one each day.

  1. How are we moved to stay awake and stand in solidarity with our neighbours?
  2. How might we go out of our way to deepen our appreciation of God’s presence within each person?
  3. How can we act with courage to be witnesses to your love for those who experience poverty and isolation?
  4. Where do we find an invitation to ‘stand up’ for justice?
  5. What would it ‘cost’ us to use our freedom and voice ‘to speak truth to power?’
  6. How might we raise our voices for those most vulnerable to injustice?
  7. In what ways could we act together with courage?
  8. How can we become good neighbours within our one human family?
  9. As we hear the stories of our sisters who live in poverty, how do we raise their voices – to make society more just?
  10. How might the practice of forgiveness enhance the cry for justice?
  11. How can we be authentic witnesses of your love and mercy to those who suffer injustice?
  12. Why not choose to be the ‘face’ of welcome and compassion that strengthens and sustains our neighbour?
  13. What do we need to change, for a new spirit of compassion to rise in us?


Thank you to each and every member of our community for your work and commitment to Marist this term. I wish every member of our community a restful holiday period and a very happy and holy Easter.

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