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Learnings Circles

Over the last two days, parents and students have been attending our Term 2 Learning Circles, centred on 1:14, Literacy, Numeracy and VCE/VET/VCAL learning areas. For the first time, Marist College has provided the opportunity for students and their families to discuss progress in learning with their individual Literacy and Numeracy educators, with a focus on next steps in their learning. Many families took the opportunity to speak with their child’s 1:14, Literacy and Numeracy Educators to discuss their learning progress and in some cases, meet with other educators involved in their child’s education.


Today draws to a close enrolments for 2020 for Foundation, Year 5 and Year 7. This process commenced with our Learning Walks throughout April and May, Explore Marist and information evenings. Year 5 and 7 positions have been offered to students for 2020 with Foundation offers due out to families late next week. It has been a privilege to walk with families once again as they explore the many aspects of learning at Marist.

Bishop Joseph Grech – Youth Scholarship 2019

The 2019 Bishop Joseph Grech scholarship winners for 2019 were honoured at an awards ceremony and luncheon in Shepparton last week. The 12 recipients from eight Sandhurst Secondary Colleges were joined by family, friends and College representatives.  The Bishop Joseph Grech Scholarship recognises exceptional young people in our colleges who model exemplary behaviour and contribute to the life of their Colleges, through their commitment to their faith and to social justice.  The luncheon was hosted by the Director of Catholic Education Sandhurst, Mr Paul Desmond who paid tribute to students, highlighting their achievements, their community contributions and their exceptional leadership skills.  The Bishop Joseph Scholarship for Youth was established in 2011 to honour former Bishop of Sandhurst, Bishop Joe Grech. The scholarship enables senior students in Sandhurst Secondary Colleges to participate in spirituality or leadership programs beyond their schools, promoting young people as significant members of the church.  The Director of Catholic Education Sandhurst, Mr Paul Desmond said it was a privilege to learn more about the wonderful young adults in our schools.  “The Bishop Joe Scholarship enables Catholic Education Sandhurst to continue his legacy to the young people of the Sandhurst Diocese and gives recipients the opportunity to flourish as leaders within their schools, and in the wider community.”

Congratulations to Lilli-Rose Gemmill (Year 10) on being awarded along with 11 others the Bishop Joseph Grech Scholarship for 2019.


Marist Schools Australia National Netball Carnival

This week, 10 Marist students from Years 10 to 12 represented our College at the annual Marist Schools Australia National Netball Carnival. Marist Schools from across Australia were represented with teams being placed within a division. Marist College made the Challenge division grand final and unfortunately went down 15-12 in a very tough game against Trinity College. The girls played extremely well and all were in good spirits after a great carnival.

At the carnival Presentation Dinner, key awards were presented with Holly Lockhart making the highly recommended team and Danni O’Toole taking out the best player in finals award. The girls were outstanding ambassadors for our College across the 3 days of the carnival.

Thank you to Mrs Fiona Schubert (Coach) and Ms Kelci Fitzpatrick (Team Manager) for their support and guidance both leading up to and during the Netball Carnival. Congratulations to the girls on an excellent result in our second National Netball carnival.


This week’s gospel reading comes from Luke and mentioned in each of the four gospels. A huge crowd of people have gathered around Jesus and his disciples, hungry after a long day in the wilderness. While the disciples stated that they wished to send ‘the multitudes away’, Jesus replies, ‘You give them something to eat’.

With 5000 people gathered, the only food the disciples could gather was five loaves of bread and two fishes. An impossible feat it may seem but as instructed by Jesus, the disciples arranged the crowd into groups of 50, then Jesus blessed and broke the bread, and gave the plentiful baskets to his disciples to feed the crowd.

In this way, he was teaching his disciples that his method of meeting the needs of people is through people sharing their gifts. It is through our everyday interactions and actions that we feed and nourish the lives of others. If each one of us was prepared to pick up a basket and lend Jesus a hand, we would all be fed in abundance.


Carolyn Hamilton
Acting Principal

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