Our Three Guiding Principles

1. Connect

Our first principle ‘Connect’ aims to build our community, our sense
of belonging and create enduring relationships between college
families, educators and our broader community.

> Developing strong relationships with all families
> Creating a family friendly atmosphere
> Facilitating connections between families
> Respecting and celebrating the diversity within the college community
> Providing opportunities for families and community to participate in the life of the college
> Creating a community ‘hub’

2. Engage

Our second principle ‘Engage’ focusses on learning-based
engagement opportunities; initiatives that build authentic
family-school learning partnerships, empowering our parents
to be advocates in their children’s learning.

Creating opportunities:
> For all families and educators to discuss student’s social and academic progress
> To support families to participate in their child’s learning
> Developing families’ understanding of learning programs and expected outcomes
> For successful transition for students and families at key points in the educational continuum

3. Inspire

Our third principle ‘Inspire’ aims to establish initiatives that will foster
passions, provide opportunities, encourage and inspire not only
our students but the educators and the parents who champion
their learning journey.

> Go beyond – learning that knows no bounds
> Dreams to become reality
> Inspiring parents to believe and not be restricted ‘Walk alongside’
> Nurturing fostering passion in students, educators and parents
> Providing opportunities;

- Connecting families and students with community resources
– Building capacity of family and community members to lead the learning of others