End of Session

In recent weeks the SWPBS team have begun the process of developing routines to introduce across the College.

Routines outline the method that is followed in order to accomplish a school activity. They can be broken down into teachable steps. The difference between behavioural expectations (which are featured on the matrix) and routines, is that when you explicitly teach and reinforce the routines, you are helping students meet the classroom expectations. The other major benefit of school-wide routines is that having effective routines means that we get as much learning time in every session as possible. Today we have introduced our first routine, which addresses dismissal at the end of a session. All educators will be supporting students to learn and use this routine in the coming weeks.

End of Session - FINAL

SWPBS Values

Our spaces have been made even brighter this term with the arrival of our new values posters. These posters complement the matrices that have been on display since the start of term 2. The values posters summarise our SWPBS college values of Resilience, Respect and Compassion in easy to understand terms. Students explored these values during 1:14 time in term 3 and the provision of these posters in the spaces will continue to reinforce these important values in our community.