The 1:14


1:14 is a ratio, 1 educator to 14 students.

The 1:14 educator is at the heart of the College’s educational model and structure. Marcellin Champagnat’s edict that, “to educate students you must love them and love them all equally” is central to the College’s decision to enact a system whereby students are always ‘known and loved’. Putting the student at the centre of the learning means they need to experience positive relationships with the educators that surround them.

At Marist, the 1:14 educator’s primary purpose is to establish an authentic, genuine relationship with each student in their care. From this, high quality learning is possible and encouraged. The College’s commitment to our unique 1:14 structure runs across every learning experience and is a powerful, integral part of our Marist learning philosophy and community.

Research tells us that investing time and effort into building relationships with students is one of the most powerful things we can do as educators to enhance academic results and a sense of wellbeing for students.

Students achieve academically and socially when they feel that they are cared for and experience a sense of belonging at school.

At Marist, the 1:14 educator serves as an academic advisor, pastoral care supporter, advocate and main point of contact between the College, its educators and families. The 1:14 educator also regularly celebrates achievement and acknowledges growth. The 1:14 leads learning discussions with families in learning circles and makes regular contact home to update families about student learning and events at school.

The 1:14 is a significant adult in the student’s life at school and aims to provide support and guidance that will enhance the social, emotional, academic and spiritual growth of the student throughout their Marist journey.