Champagnat Leadership Team

Years 9-12

While remembering that the Marcellin Group Educator of your child is your first point of contact at the College if there are things you need assistance with.  There is, however, a support structure behind the Marcellin Group Educator.  Each Learning Experience now has a designated Leader within their team, along with a Leader of Community, Faith & Ministry, and Learning.  

This team has responsibilities in supporting students and educators in their learning experience and the leaders provide extra support to an individual year-level.  Below are the images of these teams, their titles, and the year levels they support.

Mr Ben Fitzpatrick
Champagnat Learning Experience Leader

Year 11

Ms Yasmin Cox

Champagnat Learning Leader

Year 9

Ms Trina Wilson
Champagnat Community Leader

Year 12

Mr Darren Lahtz
Champagnat Faith & Ministry Leader

Year 10