Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Marist College Bendigo is a centre of learning, of life, and of evangelising. As a College, it leads students to learn to know, to be competent, to live together, and most especially, to grow as persons. As a Catholic college, it is a community setting in which faith, hope and love are lived and communicated, and in which students are progressively initiated into their lifelong challenge of harmonising faith, culture and life. As a Catholic college in the Marist tradition, it adopts Marcellin’s approach to educating children and youth, in the way of Mary.  

Our Mission

To learn: 

Our College will recognise that all young people are capable learners with a sense of curiosity and wonder. With the student at the centre, we strive to develop competent citizens who can actively engage in our globally connected world. We will nurture a passion for lifelong learning as critical and creative thinkers. We will focus on students being both literate and numerate, with an awareness and understanding about how to learn both independently and through collaboration with others.  Our young people will always be encouraged to attain higher understanding and to seek wisdom beyond knowledge.

To know:

Our College will value highly the rigour required to seek and gain knowledge. Our young people will always be encouraged to attain higher understanding and to seek wisdom beyond knowledge.

To be competent:

Our College will focus on the attainment and honing of skills. Students will be encouraged to recognise skills and be able to take control of their own skill acquisition and development and realise how these essential skills will fit them for life.

To live together:

Our College will nurture the respect for self and others so that our young people value healthy and authentic relationships. We strive to be persons of integrity – truthful, open hearted and transparent in our relationships.

To grow as persons:

Our College will celebrate the achievements of each person and always seek ways to further encourage the development of all members of our community. Willingly we welcome youth seeking meaningful relationships with people whom they can trust. In this way, together we become sowers of hope.

Harmonising faith culture and life:

Our College will seek to nurture each young person to develop their faith in a way that will skill them to live life to the full and bring fullness of life to those they meet and influence. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be the central source of meaning and joy for the lives of all in our community.

In the Marist tradition:

Our College will strive to help young people, whatever their faith tradition and wherever they are in their spiritual search, to grow to become people of hope and personal integrity, with a deep sense of social responsibility to transform the world around them. With Mary as a model for life we will nurture in students a passion for social justice and a commitment to bringing hope to those on the margins of society.