La Valla Leadership Team

Foundation - Year 4

While remembering that the Marcellin Group Educator of your child is your first point of contact at the College if there are things you need assistance with.  There is, however, a support structure behind the Marcellin Group Educator.  Each Learning Experience now has a designated Leader within their team, along with a Leader of Community, Faith & Ministry, and Learning.  

This team has responsibilities in supporting students and educators in their learning experience and the leaders provide extra support to an individual year-level.  Below are the images of these teams, their titles, and the year levels they support.

Mrs Kerrith McGrath
Head of La Valla


Mr Daniel Stirton
La Valla Learning Leader

Year 1

Mr Jarrod Bateson
La Valla Community Leader

Year 4

Mr Shaun O'Brien
La Valla Faith & Ministry Leader

Year 2