Learning at Marist

With a student centred approach to learning, Marist strives to ignite the innate curiosity and wonder each child has when they interact with our world. Learning can occur anywhere, anytime and anyhow and every experience brings a range of opportunities to learn academically, socially and emotionally. It is through this perspective that Marist Educators work collaboratively to develop engaging authentic learning experiences focused on key skill development within a range of contexts.

"Learning at Marist is an exciting journey that takes place in a supportive and innovative environment, centred on the student."

La Valla

It begins with our La Valla learning experience for our Foundation to Year 4 students with an explicit focus on Literacy skill development through Systematic Synthetic Phonics which is a key skill when learning to read proficiently along with fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Through a Reggio influenced approach to learning, educators guide our young Marists to competently express their learning through the 100 languages of learning and experience the wonder of learning at this stage.


In our Montagne learning experience, students from Year 5 to Year 8 continue their development of skills for learning as they mature cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. Through a project based learning approach, students experience a range of learning environments with an explicit focus on skills required to learn effectively in all aspects of life. Students continue to focus on literacy and numeracy skills along with an integrated approach to learning Technology, Science, the Arts and Humanities. Student learning also includes Languages, Physical Education and Religious Education.


In our Champagnat learning experience, students from Year 9 to Year 12 begin to follow their passion areas through an increased choice in the subjects they study. This involves the inclusion of electives at Year 9 and 10 along with the key areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Religious Education and Physical Education. 

With Year 10 students being able to study a VCE or VET subject, students can commence their chosen pathway for their final years of secondary education. Marist continues to offer a full range of senior years pathways including VCAL, a range of VET subjects conducted both onsite and offsite and a wide range of VCE subjects. With our students developing into interdependent learners, the skills of learning continue to develop in collaboration with the educator and their peers.