Parent Partnerships

It has long been our desire at Marist to have a structure that enables parents to authentically engage in our learning community.

Through a detailed and consultative process of discernment by parents and educators our Marist Parent Partnership Strategy has now been finalised. This discernment process has seen a number of parents invest countless hours in consulting and drafting this partnership. The Marist Parent Partnership Strategy outlines how parents and carers, and educators in our community can work together to ensure that every parent can play a positive role in their child’s learning.

In creating partnerships for each of our three learning experiences; La Valla, Montagne and Champagnat and one overarching Community Leadership Team, we can tailor our approach to ensure we Connect, Engage and Inspire all members of our Marist Learning Community.

Each Learning Experience Partnership Team will establish engagement opportunities within the school term – looking for ways to Connect, Engage and Inspire. Parent Year Level Ambassadors will rally volunteers to help facilitate initiatives at each year level and within each learning experience. The Parent Leader (chair) from each Learning Experience Partnership Team will attend the Marist Community Leadership Team meetings to ensure a whole College connection.

This strategy allows for many levels of parent involvement, from attending parent forums, volunteering your time to facilitate initiatives, to taking on a Parent Ambassador Role. All contributions, no matter how big or small will make a difference to the children and families in our community.

Fifty years of research attest to the fact that when parents are engaged in their children’s teaching and learning, children are more successful, both academically and socially.
Dr. Karen Mapp, 2013