F-4: La Valla learning experience

Our La Valla Learning Philosophy

At Marist we recognise that children are capable learners born to explore and discover. Our La Valla Learning Experience strives to foster this innate sense of wonder by questioning and connecting with the world. Within our vibrant faith filled community, students and their families are invited to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We encourage students to enjoy the freedom to think and engage with a developing understanding of self. As the centre of all at Marist, our students are supported to express their learning in a range of ways. The learning environment is designed to foster creative and meaningful learning experiences for students to explore ideas and then delve into purposeful individual and collaborative pathways for knowledge. As our students move beyond La Valla, they do so with a developing sense of their own skills as capable learners.

Our La Valla Learning Commitment

Therefore, we will provide a learning environment that:

  • Focuses on relationships and individual support through 1:19 and being known and loved by Educators

  • Recognises the beauty of wonder and its importance in learning

  • Provides experiences for students to face uncertainty and foster resilience ensuring the development of personal capabilities through opportunities to try, fail, relaunch and succeed

  • Offers opportunities to pursue curiosities, passions and aspirations

  • Fosters a community connection through learning

  • Encourages ongoing opportunities for students to deepen their faith

  • Values students’ thoughts and ideas

  • Explores the Victorian Curriculum through provocations and explicit teaching.

Our La Valla Learning Framework

Learning in La Valla maintains the emphasis on developing students’ personal and social capabilities and executive skills. La Valla students and families benefit from the 1:19 structure to support their learning and development. Morning 1:19 offers a calm time to connect with their peers and educator in a safe, faith-filled environment. Friday afternoon extended sessions confirm a sense of connection through time spent in group activities, individual time with the Educator, to build and foster safe relationships.

Our La Valla learning framework is inspired by a Reggio Emilia approach to learning where the child is a capable member of the community from the time they are born. La Valla Educators engage with students learning by listening, questioning, challenging and prompting students to talk, share, think and wonder. The Victorian Curriculum is accessed through the 100 languages children have to express themselves in their learning. This ensures that a student in La Valla accesses creative and meaningful learning experiences to explore ideas and delve into purposeful individual and collaborative pathways for knowledge.