COVID Safe Practices

There have been some changes to the directions from the Catholic Education Office in regards to our COVIDSafe practices. Please note the following information. Some of these are reminders of current expectations and others are new. All are there to keep our community as safe as possible while still continuing with student learning.

  • Students should remain home if they are unwell or are experiencing symptoms.

  • Face masks must be worn on public transport, including all College buses (if aged 8 years and above or unless they have a valid exemption).

  • A positive PCR or RAT result by a student must be communicated to the College by phone or written notification via email to

  • Household contacts (someone who has spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation, or care facility) are permitted to attend the College, but they are required to test negative using a rapid antigen test on at least 5 out of 7 days and they must wear a face mask when indoors (if aged 8 years and above or unless they have a valid exemption).

  • The College must be notified if a student is a Household contact - via email to

  • Students who have tested positive for COVID-19, have completed their 7-day isolation period, and are subsequently asymptomatic do not need to undertake further RAT testing for four weeks.

  • Parents/carers who have tested positive for COVID-19 are able to leave isolation if other arrangements cannot be made to transport their non-infectious child via private vehicle to and/or from school. The person leaving self-isolation must travel directly to and from the location, making no stops, unless there is an emergency or as required by law. They must remain in the vehicle at all times unless it is reasonably necessary to leave the vehicle to deliver the person to and from school. They must wear a face-covering whilst outside the place of self-isolation.

  • The Victorian Government will be providing further deliveries of rapid antigen tests (RATs) in Term 3 and again in Term 4 to schools. It is recommended that rapid antigen tests are used by students when symptomatic. It is recommended that each family keeps an adequate supply of rapid antigen tests at home in the eventuality of symptoms. Please see your 1:14 educator if you need more rapid antigen tests.

  • From Saturday 25 June, all College staff, volunteers, contractors, and visitors are no longer required to meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements to attend the College.

"Come, follow me..." - Matthew 4:19

Welcome to Marist College Bendigo

Marist is a Foundation to Year 12 Catholic co-educational learning community, owned and governed by Marist Schools Australia. We are a learning community of 1,140 students and 150 staff. The 13-year journey of learning at Marist has three distinct learning areas La Valla (F-4), Montagne (5-8) and Champagnat (9-12).

Marist College Bendigo is a learning community where the student is at the centre of all learning experiences. We have been able to specifically design our learning environment to suit the exciting new challenges, which education faces early in this 21st Century. This allows us to focus on developing the skills our young people need to work collaboratively, inquire critically and become independent learners. Our community has attracted Educators who are excited about these new ways of learning and each has been drawn to the opportunity of working at the cutting edge of learning.

At Marist, we are committed to learning structures that will ensure our students are known and loved. At the centre of our learning structure is our 1:14 group. Here one Educator walks alongside 14 students. This 1:14 Educator becomes the key point of contact for the family and is the centrepiece of our learning structures. The group meets for fifteen minutes each morning and for 86 minutes on a Friday afternoon. Yes, Friday afternoons at Marist are dedicated to setting and reviewing personal goals for each student.

Entry levels at Marist College Bendigo are Foundation, Year 7 and Year 11.

Please feel free to browse this site. I recommend you begin with a visit to the “Our College” tab to read our Vision and Mission statement. Feel free to return each week and read below the Principal’s weekly letter to our community.

Farewell Assembly for Mr Darren McGregor

Dear Marist Community,

Marist College Bendigo’s Sacramental Program

This week our Marist families participating in our sacramental program attended a Mass at one of our local parishes around Bendigo. I had the pleasure of attending Mass with Ruby Clarke-Hong, her sisters and her mum Jess, along with Xavier and Jack Mozzone and their mum Katrina at Sacred Heart Cathedral. It was a lovely Mass with the beautiful Cathedral choir, including our very own Ruby Skinner and Kiarrah Portelli.

At the commencement of Mass Fr Brian Boyle warmly welcomed our Marist families in his homily, he highlighted 'National Vocations Awareness Week, which is an annual week-long celebration dedicated to promoting vocations. Father Brian then shared with us his vocational journey which began back in 1977 when he was ordained as a Priest. It was a wonderful story that included observations of a changing church over his years of service. This week Father Brian Boyle celebrated his 45th year as a Priest; which was warmly acknowledged by the congregation. At the end of Mass, our young Marists handed out their prayer cards to the parishioners to support them through prayer as they prepared for the sacrament of reconciliation, First Eucharist and confirmation. Here is a lovely picture of the families on a beautiful Sunday morning in Bendigo. I want to thank our inspirational Marist Faith and Ministry Team led by Mrs Rebecca Morrissey and the leaders of our sacramental program Ms Nicole Klicki and Mr Jeremy Darmody for their support of all our candidates and their families at this special time. I would also like to wish all our candidates all the very best as they prepare for these important rites as warm signs of God's Grace to all those who receive them. Please know you are in our community's thoughts and prayers at this special time.

Student Assembly – celebrating the power of one.

This week’s assembly theme was how one person can make a difference. College Captains Samara Fisher and Nick Gardner-Trott and I celebrated the wonderful Australian icon, Archie Roach. Samara's reflection celebrated how one man, against the odds, made a difference to Australia's understanding of the stolen generation. Nick then narrated the "Star Fish Story". An old man played convincingly by Mr Jeremy Darmody with his white hair and walking stick, questions the wise young girl's (acted beautifully by our Year 4 student Amelia McLean) actions of throwing star fish back into the sea. We used this story to invite everyone present to understand their power to make a difference, by small simple actions. It would be interesting to speak with your son or daughter about this presentation and share moments where we have either been witness to these moments or even better acknowledge when you have seen your child make a positive difference by their choices and action.

We then had a wonderful presentation from Jemima Kreutzer a Year 11 student who embodied the young girl in our starfish story, by her commitment to championing the cause of environmental action. Jemima challenged and invited our students to join her on the Greater Bendigo climate collaboration group. She confidently shared revision and plans for action and invited our Marist students to join her. She passionately shared a vision where our school community would be involved in the protection and regeneration of our environment, as well as managing our school’s food usage and waste, and developing our understanding of the importance of biodiversity in our environment.

Congratulations Jemima on your leadership and invitation to us all. You are a wonderful example of how one person can make a difference.

I strongly encourage all students to consider Jemima’s passionate invitation to join her on the Collaboration Team in this important work.

Year 8 students commence subject selection discernment.

This week Year 8 students joined all Champagnat students in considering their pathways by commencing their subject selections for 2023. On Monday morning all Year 8 students and their families were emailed information about this important process. Over the next two weeks our Year eight students will be able to talk to Educators about their interests, passions and strengths to help them discern their subject selection for Year 9. Our Year 8 students entering Year 9 in 2023 subject selection forms are due on 2 September. Your child's 1:14 Educator is an important support to families at this time. Please make contact with them for any questions you may have.

Our Champagnat students and their families are also being supported by their 1:14s through learning circles being held yesterday and on Monday. These learning circles are where students’ final selections are discussed and entered into our system. I would like to thank our families and 1:14 educators for these important collaborations at this exciting time for our students.

Mary of the Cross Feast Day

This week our staff started the week by acknowledging the wonderful work of Australia’s first Saint in Mary MacKillop. The 8th of August every year is St Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day. Our Catholic Church assigns one date out of the year for each and every canonized Saint, which is then known as the Saint’s feast day. A Saint's feast day usually marks the day of their actual death. On Monday our morning prayer honoured the revered Saint Mary of the Cross, an educator and social reformer, whose influence in our country has spread far and wide.

In 1866, Mary MacKillop founded Australia’s first order of nuns, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and also established St. Joseph’s School in a converted stable in Penola, providing free education to children from the area. Just like Marcellin, Mary sought to educate and care for the poor and marginalised in society. Both charisms with a wonderful understanding of the importance of the “Presence” of significant adults in young people’s lives and making Jesus known and loved in their worlds.

We used one of her famous quotes as a source of inspiration for our work as Educators at Marist each day this week… and every day every week.

You may like to join us in the prayer we used to celebrate St Mary MacKillop Feast Day on Monday. It recognises the people on the margins of our society that Mary MacKillop and the Josephites served and continue to serve.

God of the Dreaming, you show yourself to us in dreamers, seers, and prophets.

We thank you for all those who, like Mary MacKillop, have helped us to see the possibilities for our country and its people.

As we struggle to realise our dreams for a just, compassionate world, may we be witness to our world for the true meaning of fair play and care for the oppressed.

We pray that we will cherish particularly, the gifts of the indigenous peoples of our lands, and those new to our shores.

Teach us that, in the richness and strength of our diversity, lie our possibilities for becoming one.

St Mary Mackillop… pray for us

St Marcellin Champagnat … pray for us

Mary our Good Mother… pray for us

Let us always remember to … pray for one another


Take care, stay safe

Upcoming events

AUGUST 15-19

  • Year 6 Camp | Canberra


  • Choir Competition (Years 3-12)

AUGUST 18-19

  • Year 11 Retreat

AUGUST 22-26

  • Book Week


  • Book Week Dress Up Day 'Dreaming with eyes open'

  • Foundation to Year 6 Book Week Parade in Community Centre. Parents are welcome from 10am (Masks will be required).


  • Wear it Purple Day to support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ (wear a splash of purple)

  • Year 11/12 Formal


  • La Valla Swimming Program (F-2)

  • Dental Screening (F-6)


  • Year 10 Spirituality Day


  • 2022 General Achievement Test (GAT)


  • R U OK Day (wear a splash of yellow)


  • Last Day of Term 3 | 2.30pm finish


  • School Holidays


  • Day 1 Term 4