"Come, follow me..." - Matthew 4:19

Welcome to Marist College Bendigo

Marist is a Foundation to Year 12 Catholic co-educational learning community owned and governed by Marist Schools Australia. We are a learning community of 1,140 students and 144 staff. The 13 year journey of learning at Marist has three distinct learning areas La Valla (F-4), Montagne (5-8) and Champagnat (9-12).

Marist College Bendigo is a learning community where the student is at the centre of all learning experiences. We have been able to specifically design our learning environment to suit the exciting new challenges, which education faces early in this 21st Century. This allows us to focus on developing the skills our young people need to work collaboratively, inquire critically and become independent learners. Our community has attracted Educators who are excited about these new ways of learning and each has been drawn to the opportunity of working at the cutting edge of learning.

At Marist we are committed to learning structures that will ensure our students are known and loved. At the centre of our learning structure is our 1:14 group. Here one Educator walks alongside 14 students. This 1:14 Educator becomes the key point of contact for the family and is the centrepiece of our learning structures. The group meets for fifteen minutes each morning and for 86 minutes on a Friday afternoon. Yes, Friday afternoons at Marist are dedicated to setting and reviewing personal goals for each student.

Entry levels from 2021 are Foundation, Year 7 and Year 11.

Please feel free to browse this site. I recommend you begin with a visit to the “Our College” tab to read our Vision and Mission statement. Feel free to return each week and read below the Principal’s weekly letter to our community.

Dear Marist Community,

Community Carnivals

Yesterday and today have seen our ovals come alive with fun. There are many photos and comments later in the newsletter. I simply wish to add congratulations to the House Captains for organising two great days. Thank you to all the staff for supporting the carnivals and to all the students who jumped in and made the days so much fun. I believe the results of the Carnival will be announced at our College Assembly on Thursday. When reading the carnival handbook I was pleased to note in the introduction by the House captains the following aims:

- Create a sense of school pride: coming together as one house

- Develop valuable life skills such as effort, hard work, self-discipline, and sportspersonship

- Provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills

- Encourage students to interact with peers outside their direct friendship groups

I am now looking forward to the La Valla community carnival later in the year.

Outward Bound - Campaspe Downs - Philip Island

It is so pleasing to have our camp program back with us this year. The stories I have heard from Outward Bound have been inspiring. Many of the students have openly talked to me about finding it really tough and finding ways to push through. Often they were also keen to explain how other students had helped them and that the help came from kids they did not know that well. I was also pleased to hear that many were open about missing family and growing in appreciation for their family. The Year 4 students also spoke to me of difficult times and how pleased they were to fight on and achieve success. Their full day at the camp was cold and wet all day but all students persisted and completed all the water-based activities. Congratulations to all those who took on the challenges presented. Thank you to all the Educators who gave up their time and enabled both these camps to be so successful. I always enjoy these staff saying how much they valued time with the students away from the normal daily routines. All these experiences help to strengthen relations between students and between staff and students. Now the focus moves to Year 8 and we wish them all the best for their trip to Phillip Island next Tuesday through to Friday.

Learning Walks and enrolments

This week our learning walks for prospective families have focused on Foundation 2022. It has been great fun walking through La Valla and listening to our very articulate students explaining to visitors their learning without any prompting. A reminder that the closing dates for enrolments are:

Foundation: 18 June

Year 7: 4 June

Transition Day for Year 7 2022 is Wednesday 12 May and families must register their child for this day.
This can be done via our website.

Foundation Information Evening is Tuesday 18 May

Mother’s Day

This Sunday is, of course, Mother’s Day. It is a time for us to show our love and appreciation for our Mother and if they are no longer with us to reflect on the love they gave us and the gift of life they blessed us with. I hope all the mothers in our Marist community have a special day on Sunday. On Thursday the VCAL students ran a Mother’s Day stall for the students of La Valla. They proudly had on sale a range of carefully created artworks and food. It was joyful to watch our senior students looking after our young Marists with such patience and kindness as they chose their special gift. I took some photos but I will hold them off until next week to avoid any spoiling of surprises. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums.

Winter Uniform

A reminder that all students in Years 5 – 12 are now expected to be in winter uniform. It is a spectacular uniform and I am pleased to see the vast majority of our students wearing it with pride and taking special care of the blazer. Please remember the following key points:

- The blazer is to be worn to and from school and when in public places

- The PE spray jacket is not part of the winter uniform

- Year 12 students may wear their Year 12 jumper under their blazer.

Known and Loved

This Sunday Jesus speaks of love and announces the new commandment: That we must love one another.

Jesus said to his disciples:

‘As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.

Remain in my love.

If you keep my commandments you will remain in my love,

just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.

I have told you this so that my own joy may be in you and your joy be complete.

This is my commandment:

love one another, as I have loved you.

Jn. 15:9-12

He said this during a time of violence and occupation of his country by a foreign army.

Ever since we began at Marist the mantra “known and loved” has been key to the relationships we build. Marcellin Champagnat was committed to ensuring the poor boys of rural France experienced love. He wanted to make Jesus Christ known and loved. Champagnat brought love to the lives of young men soon after the French revolution had torn apart beloved France. How courageous in such a turbulent time for Marcellin to say that to educate children we must love them and love them all equally. Love is central to our call to build community here at Marist and our 1:14 structure is primarily there to ensure that every young person is known and loved.

Upcoming events


MAY 11-14

  • Year 8 Camp | Phillip Island

MAY 11

  • Foundation 2022 Learning Walk | 9:15am BOOKING ESSENTIAL

MAY 14

  • Foundation 2022 Learning Walk | 9:15am BOOKING ESSENTIAL

MAY 18

  • Foundation 2022 parent information session | 6:30-7:30pm in La Valla

MAY 19

  • Year 7 2022 Learning Walk | 9:15am BOOKING ESSENTIAL

MAY 21

  • Year 7 2022 Learning Walk | 9:15am BOOKING ESSENTIAL


  • Year 7 2022 Learning Walk | 9:15am BOOKING ESSENTIAL


  • Year 7 2022 Enrolments Close


  • St Marcellin Champagnat feast day


  • Year 12 General Achievement Test (GAT)


  • Student Free Day (Whole College)


  • Queens Birthday Public Holiday (No School)


  • 2022 Foundation Enrolments Close


  • Last Day Term 2 | 2:30pm finish