"Come, follow me..." - Matthew 4:19

Welcome to Marist College Bendigo

Marist is a Foundation to Year 12 Catholic co-educational learning community, owned and governed by Marist Schools Australia Limited. We are a learning community of 1,140 students and 150 staff. The 13-year journey of learning at Marist has three distinct learning areas La Valla (F-4), Montagne (5-8) and Champagnat (9-12).

Marist College Bendigo is a learning community where the student is at the centre of all learning experiences. We have been able to specifically design our learning environment to suit the exciting new challenges, that education faces early in this 21st Century. This allows us to focus on developing the skills our young people need to work collaboratively, inquire critically and become independent learners. Our community has attracted Educators who are excited about these new ways of learning and each has been drawn to the opportunity of working at the cutting edge of learning.

At Marist, we are committed to learning structures that will ensure our students are known and loved. At the centre of our learning structure is our 1:14 group. Here one Educator walks alongside 14 students. This 1:14 Educator becomes the key point of contact for the family and is the centrepiece of our learning structures. The group meets for fifteen minutes each morning and for 86 minutes on a Friday afternoon. Yes, Friday afternoons at Marist are dedicated to setting and reviewing personal goals for each student.

Entry levels at Marist College Bendigo are Foundation, Year 7 and Year 11.

Please feel free to browse this site. I recommend you begin with a visit to the “Our College” tab to read our Vision and Mission statement. Feel free to return each week and read below the Principal’s weekly letter to our community.

Dear Marist Community,

Foundation class of 2023 arrives and the Class of 2022 leaves… Graduation Dinner

There have been many firsts for me this year in my role as Principal which has been terrific, but today is certainly a big-ticket event.

Last night we welcomed our new Foundation students and their parents for 2023. It was a lovely night meeting the parents and also acknowledging the number of Marist parents already in the room with children at other year levels. During the presentation, I asked current parents to put their hands up for all new parents to see. I encouraged our current Marist parents to be part of our induction process, these parents hold our story and all the best tips for having a successful transition. I thank all our current families that started this shared role last night. It is certainly a partnership and I thank you all for the wonderful work you will do welcoming new families. All students received a picture storybook on Jesus our friend to take home to enjoy together.

So then back to the big ticket event, today our Foundation students returned for their first-morning transition session which ran with precision and maybe a tear or two. I would like to thank the La Valla Leaders and the 2023 Foundation Team of Sarah Harte, Jacinta Kelly and Leonie Wolfe for all their work preparing a well-organised transition program for our new students and their families.

As we welcome in the new students, we farewell the older students. Tonight we will hold our Graduation Dinner for our Class of 2022. Tonight will be a wonderful celebration of our senior Marist students and all they have accomplished over their time at Marist. We will hear from our parents in a speech given by Eryn & Adrian Basile parents of Joel Basile. We will listen to our College Captains Samara Fisher and Nic Gardner-Trott’s final address. We have over 40 of our educators who have paid for their tickets, to join in farewelling the class of 2022. I have been to at least 25 Graduation Dinners in my time, but this will certainly be my most anticipated!

La Valla Parent Information Evening – Improving our La Valla Learning Model

Last night at the Foundation welcome evening I spoke to parents about a review that occurred during semester 2 on the La Valla Learning model. This review confirmed our educator’s belief that a much-needed restructure was required to our La Valla 1:14 Structure. To provide the same opportunity for all La Valla parents this Wednesday night I am inviting all 2023 La Valla Parents to attend a meeting where I will share this news and the reasoning behind this much-needed change. It was pleasing to have current parents in the Foundation welcome room excited and pleased with this decision. Please do come along to talk through this change. For those parents unable to attend this evening, a letter will go home on the night to all parents explaining the changes for 2023. Wednesday 30 November at 3.30pm in La Valla.

1:14 Time for a new name … the search has begun

When our college commenced back in 2015 our founding educators struggled to decide upon a name for our 1:14 structure. Homeroom, house group, or tutor group did not fully encapsulate the role and importance of the 1:14 Educator and Group. Hence, we continued to grow a learning community with the mathematical ratio. With our College now being 8 years old and the changes to the La Valla 1:14 model for 2023, we are needing to discern a name that best describes the important cornerstone of our school. The Marist Community Leaders of Mr Brian Brasher, Ms Trina Wilson, Mr Liam Hawkey and Mrs Tricia Corrie will commence this work, consulting students, educators and families. As this develops I am sure your children will communicate with you about this along with updates in my weekly newsletter.

Choir Showcase 2023

Ms Gould and her 3 choirs (La Valla Lunchbox, Marist Melodies, and the Marist College Choir) thrilled the packed house this Wednesday night with song and dance. A favourite song of mine called ‘Come Alive’ from the Greatest Showman wowed the audience in their opening performance and the energy and fun then continued on for the next 19 items. The benefits of an F-12 College were on show and celebrated on this night with students from La Valla, Montagne, and Champagnat all taking part. Some further highlights from the show were the conducting debuts of Brigid McGowan and Jess McLean. A special mention to the talented choreographers in Ruby Skinner, Jess McLean, and Charli Pigdon.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate two founding choir members in Sarah Chambers and Casey Sharkey who sang in their last performance with the Marist Choir. These Year 12 students have been stalwarts of our choir from the early days and have been wonderful mentors to the younger students in the choir over their time. I do hope they continue their love of music when they head to university. Thank you Sarah and Casey for all of your years of dedication and service to our community through the Marist College Choir.

A special thank you to Ms Sarah Gould and her support Ms Anne Boyd for a wonderful night of song and dance.

Energy Breakthrough (EBT)

I had the absolute pleasure of watching ‘community’ in action in Maryborough last weekend. Ms Nicole Klicki along with her crew of enthusiastic helpers of Miss Annah Cullen, Mr Riley Evans, Mrs Chelsea Howgate, Mr Chris Howgate, Mr Nathan Tasca worked alongside 40 students and all their parents to represent Marist in this wonderful challenge. I would like to thank the educators for giving freely on many of their weekends to prepare for this important event and for the amazing efforts of our students. It was certainly a proud moment as I watch the teamwork from all stakeholders in our community, through rain, forecast hail, and a little bit of shine.

Advent arrives

Today our Champagnat students completed their New Beginnings which is timely as we prepare for the arrival of Advent. Advent is a very special time in our church calendar, it is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas.

It was lovely to see our students today spending time thanking their educators and particularly their 1:14 Educators for the year shared together. This week I have chosen to pass on a posting from the theologian Richard Rohr on Gratitude. As our senior students concluded their studies for 2023 there was a sincere expression of gratitude which was beautiful to witness.

Each Friday morning our staff gather before the school day commences to share their ‘Joys’ from the week that was. This week the theme was very much about gratitude. I would like to thank Ms Trina Wilson for sharing Richard Rohr’s words with us, it’s a lovely reflection on what we are grateful for this year in our preparation for Advent.

“Each and every morning offers us a chance to start anew, fresh, and to begin again. Each morning when we wake—should we choose to listen—is a message from our Creator to remember the privilege we were given of waking up. It’s a reminder to get up and prepare ourselves, to honour ourselves to go out into the world, to connect with Mother Earth and the hearts of other beings, to inspire and encourage those who cross our paths, and most importantly, to enjoy life.”

Take care

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