Learning Policy


The Learning Policy aims to provide guidelines as to how the College fosters a learning environment of the highest quality for each student.

The Victorian Curriculum will guide the curriculum presented. However, the student will be at the centre of all decisions relating to learning programs and desired outcomes.

Relevant Mission Statements

To know:

  • Our College will value highly the rigour required to seek and gain knowledge. Our young people will always be encouraged to attain higher understanding and to seek wisdom beyond knowledge.

To be competent:

  • Our College will focus on the attainment and honing of skills. Students will be encouraged to recognise skills and be able to take control of their own skill acquisition and development and realise how these essential skills will fit them for life.

Harmonising faith culture and life:

  • Our College will seek to nurture each young person to develop their faith in a way that will skill them to live life to the full and bring fullness of life to those they meet and influence. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be the central source of meaning and joy for the lives of all in our community.

Principles of Learning

  1. A student learns most effectively in a calm environment where they feel safe and their opinions are valued.

  2. Students learn in a range of different ways and the individual learning styles of students are to be recognised and utilised

  3. Students learn best when they are engaged in their learning

  4. Students learn best when their curriculum is meaningful to their lives

  5. Numeracy and literacy are critical to all elements of student learning

  6. A skills based approach best prepares a student for further learning

  7. Project based learning is to be encouraged for all students

  8. Learning is enhanced through the use of effective feedback

Principles of Educating

  1. Collaboration between educators is essential for quality facilitation of learning

  2. Educators will focus on their role of facilitating learning

  3. Educators will strive to recognise the learning style of each student

  4. Educators will adjust curriculum based on student data and their knowledge of each student

  5. Educators will focus on essential skill development

  6. All Educators shall value the importance of numeracy and literacy

  7. Explicit teaching has its place in enhancing student centred learning

  8. Educators utilise a variety of feedback methods to enhance student learning

  9. Educators are lifelong learners and will model this to the students