Years 9-12:  Champagnat learning experience

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Our Champagnat Learning Philosophy

At Marist we believe a student learns anywhere, anytime, anyhow and that passion and thirst for knowledge ignite the learning of the young people in our care. Our Champagnat Learning Experience values deeply the role of faith formation in the life of each young person. Centred on the student, our learning model further develops our students’ skills and knowledge, enriching their pathways through and beyond the senior years of schooling. Our learning environment is designed to foster interdependence through collaboration, while catering for individual capabilities and promoting academic excellence. The final years of learning at Marist are the most fertile time for the flourishing of the wisdom found within each young adult.

Our Champagnat Learning Commitment

Therefore, we will provide a learning environment that:

Our Champagnat Learning Framework

Learning in Champagnat maintains the emphasis on developing students’ general capabilities and executive skills. Champagnat students continue to benefit from the Marcellin group structure to support their learning and development. This includes the Friday afternoon extended sessions for students to meet with their Marcellin Group Educator. In these sessions, the Marcellin Group Educator supports the students’ progress, develops their time management and study skills, and sets regular SMART goals to improve their learning outcomes.

At Years 11 and 12 the course outlines are provided by the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority). We support the students’ learning by organising the key knowledge and skills into ‘Learning Continuums’ and this is facilitated through the ‘Blended Learning’ model. This helps students to understand the next steps in their learning and it highlights the connections between different areas of the study design for each subject. Incorporating the ‘Blended Learning’ model along with our emphasis on collaborative work enables the students to be actively and independently involved in their final years of Catholic secondary education.